Tri-City Area Gaming

Board Game Club in the Tri-Cities, Washington

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Get your tickets at the door if you haven't pre-registered already.

This year we will not be in the main Olympic Ballroom with the other gaming. We'll be at the first room in Hall 2, where all the programming and the vendor hall is. This was where the LAN gaming was.

We'll have open table for board gaming and a selection of games from the group as a library you can play. We'll have people on hand just in case you need to learn the game.



Time Game
4:00pm Tyrants of the Underdark
6:30pm Mechs Vs Minions
8:30pm Robo Rally


Time Game Game 2
10:00am Lords of Waterdeep
12:30pm Scoville
3:00pm Mechs vs Minions Tyrants of the Underdark
5:30pm Last Will
7:30pm Caverna: The Cave Farmers


Time Game
All Day Open Gaming

If you missed any scheduled game feel free to ask to play it on Sunday.

Planning on attending RadCon 7B? Help us know what games you're interested in seeing run by suggesting and voting for games here.