About Us

Tri-City Area Gaming (TAG) believes in promoting open gaming, and events for everyone. We also hold educational activities and fundraisers throughout the year.

We host and promote events around tabletop gaming—generally board games and card games.

One of our major venues, Adventures Underground, has weekly events for roleplaying games and collectible card games as well.

The more games we have the better, so if you have a game you want to share, feel free to bring it. That said, we a fairly large library of games brought by the regulars, and Adventures Underground has demo games available for you to play, so please stop by whether or not you bring a game!

Most of the games in our library are the flavor that would show up at a website like http://www.boardgamegeek.com/ rather than Checkers, Monopoly, or Sorry. Some of the more popular ones are Dominion, Settlers of Catan, Munchkin, Smash!, Guillotine, Shadow Hunters, Salmon Run, Infinite City, and Once Upon a Time. Most games require at least some thought and strategy instead of pure luck or knowledge of trivia (though those can be fun too!).

Don’t worry about knowing anything about any of these games before you show up. Seriously. There is almost always at least one new player for any game (I still play new ones on a weekly basis!), so there is almost always a rules explanation or refresher before the game.